[six] MORE PROGRESS kinda

Well last week was great for revelations, huh. Now that I’m on a Path, I’ve got an idea of where to go, but…

whERE DO I  S T A R T.?

Just kidding, I have places to start. Been looking up Henry Jenkins and his research. And by that I mean I have one book on its way via interlibrary loan, and two others of his in my tabs. I think I actually cited one of his works, Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers: Exploring Participatory Culture, in my NetNarr Field Guide post from last semester.

So… that saves me from searching for one link. I actually just re-found that link… now. As I write this. I’m like banging the table I’m so happy. LESS WORK FOR ME. LOVE THAT FOR ME.

Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers (thank you, Mr. Jenkins, for using the Oxford comma; you’re cool) will probably do me a better service this time around, actually, since the Field Guide post was about fandom in general and my thesis is more about the participatory culture within it. And since participatory culture is, ah, in the title… It’s a no brainer, y’know?

So that’s cool. Felt like checking off a box even tho that box is just part of a bigger box that’s part of a bigger box that’s probably part of an even bigger box we’ll call Academic Part of Thesis. Smol achievements are achievements.

And speaking of smol achievements, I got to work on Creative Part of Thesis this week, too. More than anything I pretty much just rewrote/updated/changed up/cleaned up the portion that I already had done from E-Lit. I know it was originally a children’s story, and I do still want to maintain elements of it (like a false promise as the reader gets further and further from the owl story) but I’ve found myself having a bit of fun with it–adding a bit of sass from the narrator, mostly.

It just feels nice to get back to this story, I guess.

Anyway, I hope to finish Baby Owl’s main route for next week, maybe start on some of the offshoots from it (still BO’s POV, just working on the different choices) and start figuring out some other POVs, maybe working on Mama Owl’s.

Regardless of what I get to, I’m hyped.

Before I go, though!

I wanted to pop back to our discussion in class last week. We started a chat about online fandom discourse and exclusion. I could go on for a while about it, but in my recent perusals of KPOP Twitter (ok mostly BTS Twitter but don’t tell ARMYs I said that), fans can be found excluding other fans based on:

  1. Race (don’t get me started on the cultural appropriation arguments, do not)
  2. How much excess information you know
  3. How long you’ve been a fan (something I’ve struggled with, believe it or not)
  4. If you’ve gone to concerts, bought 878497 albums, bought merch, spent that $$$$$
  5. Whether you vote on music shows/award shows (it gets to a point where you need to block the voting hashtags)
  6. If you give attention to a group that is Not Your Group (I’ve seen notices going around warning fans not to do this… seriously…)
  7. Multi-fan (liking more than one group) v. “pure blood” fan (I have literally seen this term used)

Yeah. There’s a chance you could be targeted, reported, and kicked off Twitter for any or all of this. It’s a mess.

So… exclusion? We got it. It’s a sport at this point.

I just go on there for artist and fanfic updates at this point. Big shrug.

Sigh. Well, I don’t think I really had a point to this little rant, so I’ll leave it there.

L8r, y’all.


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